• 80*80mm ATM paper rolls       
  • ATM Receipt Printing       
  • Express Stickers       
  • ATM Roll With Blank Sensor       
  • Guangdong Tian Long Printing Co.,LTD

           Guangdong Tian Long Printing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of POS Paper, ATM Paper, Cash Register Paper, Ordinary Credentials, Computer Philippine Aberdeen Paper (Perforated Ticket Paper / Philippine Aberdeen Paper), Computer Paper, Pin Mailers (Confidential Payslip), Airway Bills Printing, Commercial Invoice and Labels such as automated production enterprises.

     Our company has plate-making, printing equipment above world-top quality and professional personnel who are with over 10 years working experience as well as grasping the professional skills. We have imported some machines recently, Miyakoshi, Taiyo printing machines fromJapan. Automatic Collating machine, Tear Pages machine, and Rewinding Slitter machine, Automatic Packaging machines and other equipment, Which can   complete our own typesetting plate, product printing, cut sheets edge, drill flip, allocation and package efficient one-stop service, and our company did CNC management, print accurate colors brighter, meet various printing requirements. All products are made of high quality raw materials ...Learn mroe

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